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Stephanie Garlichs

Stephanie Garlichs, co-founder of the Ethiopian Education Fund, is passionate about improving the lives of children.  From 2002-2004, Stephanie, along with her husband Jeffrey Ried, was co-director of a health center in southwest Ethiopia where she focused on public health and expanding support to marginalized children. She realized the importance of education to help improve the lives of rural Ethiopians.  Although she has stayed connected to the people and their culture by focusing on the students and their needs, she is still trying to learn the language. When not pursuing all things Ethiopia, Stephanie runs her own business in the USA helping dogs and cats lead healthy and fun-filled lives.


Jeffrey Ried

Jeffrey Ried, PhD, is co-founder (with wife Stephanie Garlichs) of the Ethiopian Education Fund.  He brings over 15 years of experience in building partnerships and catalyzing change in complex, multicultural settings where sensitivity, consideration, and action are called for. He has held leadership positions in non-profit, philanthropic, and government organizations in the US and Ethiopia including developing and managing projects for the Gates Foundation, as a member of the Leadership Team of the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency within the Government of Ethiopia, co-director (with Stephanie) of a health center in Ethiopia, and currently leading a multi-sector analytical project to better understand and address the challenges of Food Security in Ethiopia.  He and Stephanie are grandparents and live on Whidbey Island.


Annie Clay

Annie Clay is a retired hospice chaplain in Olympia, Washington.  She is trained in elementary education, social work as well as carpentry. She is active in social justice issues within the local community. She traveled to Ethiopia in 2004 and in 2018 and sees the need for improved opportunities for children from poor families in rural areas.  She first visited the health center where her sister, Stephanie Garlichs, was working and met children who would become future beneficiaries of the Ethiopian Education Fund.  Annie is a mother, partner and owner of a cute dog.


Rochelle Stowe

Rochelle is a public involvement consultant who specializes in strategic communications and outreach for projects in the greater Puget Sound area. Based in Seattle, she has spent the last several years raising community awareness and understanding of major transit initiatives, energy infrastructure investments and highway redesigns. Rochelle's passion for telling stories and connecting with people was energized by her first trip to Ethiopia in 2013, where she produced a short video about the students and the challenges they face. She is also a ceramic artist, bike commuter and is fueled by (mostly Ethiopian) coffee.


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