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Student Stories

Gebaynesh Grad 2019.jpg

Celebrate the Graduates!

Gebaynesh (photo left) graduated from Teacher College this year. She has a job teaching elementary school in her native language of Kafanunu. We met this bright student when she was in 7th grade.

Desta completed a degree in Medical Technology and is looking for a job placement. EEF has supported her since 8th grade.

Tesfaye secured a job as a Health Exchange Worker near his family.

Yohannes graduated from Teacher College and will be teaching math in a village school.

We are proud of the work these students have done! Ethiopia is stronger with their talents and leadership. We thank our supporters for enabling this kind of success.

Ethiopian Education Fund Tigist & Birhane

Birhane’s Story

Birhane entered the EEF program in 8th grade and stayed through 10th grade. At that time she did not pass onto the next grade but went back to her small rural village four hours from Chiri. We were glad that she was able to attend a few more years with the support of EEF because every additional year of schooling has a positive impact of a woman’s life. Birhane got married and had two children and was then asked by the community school to teach primary school because no official teacher was available, and Birhane had more education than most women in her community.


She did so well in the temporary position that the village counsel nominated her for one of the highly prized openings at a teacher’s college. EEF put Birhane back on the support program each summer for 4 years to earn her teacher certificate. Her husband is a teacher also and has been very supportive over this process. This June she completed all her studies! She will pass on the value of education to her children, the school children and the community.

Ethiopian Education Fund Tigist's Family

Tigist’s Story

Tigist began with EEF program when she was in 6th grade. She went on to graduate from 12th grade and from Nursing School and currently works in Bonga (30 minute bus ride from Chiri) in a government hospital. Tigist is married with two children and lives in her own home. EEF partnered with Days For Girls to bring washable menstruation pad kits to Ethiopia. Due to high cost or unavailability of sanitary supplies, some girls do not attend school during that time. Tigist received a package of 25 kits, as a pilot project, which she distributed in her community. She expressed interest in continuing to distribute kits and especially to our girl students. We are thrilled to collaborate with one of our former students to bring these supplies, helping to reduce absenteeism and improving their ability to succeed.

Ethiopian Education Fund Tekalign

Email from Tekalegn, engineering student, December 14, 2018

“Dear Jeffery, thank you for helping & bringing the laptop and for visiting us. I loved the laptop it is best product, best quality & latest. I will keep it safe & virus free. I think the only thing what I have to do is just studying hard and achieving the success, sure I will do with God! I will be successful because you are on my side & helping me. Thank you, I wish all the best to you.”

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