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One More Year

Our Mission

The Ethiopian Education Fund (EEF) enables disadvantaged youth and young adults in the rural Kaffa Zone, which is in the Southern SNNPR region of Ethiopia, to realize their educational potential.

What We Do

We believe that education is the key to achieve success at multiple levels in the student’s life, in the life of their families, in the community and for the benefit of society. One year of education will statistically raise the student’s standard of living and well-being.

EEF is a non-profit organization which, since 2005, has been providing one-year scholarships to marginalized youth, especially girls, in rural Ethiopia to attend primary, secondary, and post-secondary school. Each year, if the student passes onto the next grade, the support will continue for another year, whether they attend primary, secondary or post-secondary school. Youth, especially from poor and marginalized families lack the ability to overcome both cultural and financial barriers to living and studying.

Support is given in a conditional cash transfer (CCT) method. Money is provided and the student and her family choose how to spend it. The “condition” is that the student stays in school. This has proved successful and eliminates the need for students to quit school to work and builds greater value and motivation for education. Each year, with funds raised through monthly donations, events and the sale of coffee, we have been able to increase the number of students supported.


We have committed to include a ratio of 2:1, girls to boys in the program. A local Scholars Committee identifies the students that are bright but poor or marginalized in some way, that would benefit from support. EEF has an in-country manager and board members visit, using personal funds, at least once a year to monitor the program.

Graduates include social worker, nurse, health extension worker, electrician, and teachers.

One More Year

A video produced by Rochelle Stowe, co-director, and husband Jake in 2013 about the history and students of the Ethiopian Education Fund. The video highlights how just one more year of education can change a student's life.

Help students reach their potential.   DONATE.

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